Producer's Statement

“Lotus Eyes” has been a passion project of ours ever since we [Joshua Land and Victor Fink] began working together. It will be the culmination of all our creative endeavors up until now. Through this film we hope to tell a story that reflects the world we live in and the struggles of characters who want desperately to have a place and purpose in a world that is offering neither. We set the screenplay to take place in an America that is struggling from the challenges of “Peak Oil.” In this America, abundant and cheap fossil fuels no longer exist, leading to a society that faces constant energy, gas, and food shortages. We want to create a film that will make the ramifications of peak oil relevant to an audience and hopefully inspire them to study the topic further and make a difference. The society we intend on creating in “Lotus Eyes” is one that could easily exist within the next decade, yet it is a reality that has not often been captured on film. The characters in “Lotus Eyes” feel what it’s like to constantly search for meaning and fulfillment in a world that makes it more difficult than ever before.