Our Team


Josh Land & Victor Fink (Director/Writer/Dir. Photography)  are a directing and cinematography team who began working together while undergraduates at Johns Hopkins University. Joshua, who grew up in Baltimore, and Victor, who grew up in Boston, have worked on a large number of projects together, including the feature film “The Summer Before” (2012), which Joshua directed, the short film “Incapable Vessels” (2013), for which Joshua and Victor jointly directed, shot, and edited, and the feature film “Deviance” (2014) for which Joshua and Victor acted as co-directors-of-photography. The duo also co-founded and co-own the production company MindInMotion, which has since grown to incorporate both a video and sound division.  Joshua and Victor are passionate about telling stories about individuals trying to find their place within a society filled with uncertainty.  In addition, through “Lotus Eyes,” they are attempting to bring audiences a vivid picture of an America after the oil peak where livelihoods as well as basic resources are a luxury.

Mitch Holson (Lead Actor/Producer)  is 18 years old and from Frederick, MD. Mitch’s acting career began when he was 4, under the direction of Erin Gilbert from Act Too Theatre Co. He still partakes in the company’s teen dramatic series and has expanded to some television and film roles. To help fulfill his aspirations of pursuing a career as a filmmaker and cinematographer, Mitch and his friend have created a production company, with two feature length projects currently in the works.

Abigail Sussman (Producer) is an assistant producer on the show Maryland Farm and Harvest, made for Maryland Public Television. She graduated from Johns Hopkins University in 2014 with a major in Writing Seminars and a minor in Film and Media Studies. She has produced two short films and worked at the Independent Filmmaker Project as an Independent Film Week coordinator. 

Jay Lujan (Sound Recordist)  A deeply rooted passion for music led Jay on a path to start a career in audio production. In the winter of 2011, prior to earning his BFA from the Art Institute of Washington, Jay teamed up with fellow alumni, Edward Fuentes, and co-founded Black Lotus Productions LLC—an audio production house catering to independent artists and filmmakers. It was during his time at the Art Institutes that Jay discovered that his affinity for sound extended beyond music, as he began to explore the world of audio for film through student projects. This new path was solidified after being recruited to work on the independent feature film, “The Henchman’s War,” helmed by director Anthony Greene. Nearly 3 years later, Jay Lujan has established himself as one of the premiere Production Sound mixers in the DMV area.
Jay’s sound department credits, include 6 feature films, 9 short films, 5 web series, and 4 television credits, including two local broadcast commercials (Coldstone Creamery, Sway DC), as well as the “American Masters” PBS documentary series, and “The Lost Trophy” sports documentary for Education TV.

Shannon Lanier (Producer) As a film actor, Shannon discovered early on that the key to making a successful mark in this industry is to not limit yourself to just one side of the camera.  Having worked on over 40 films (from big budget films to low budget independent productions), Shannon quickly learned that the only limitations are those you impose on yourself.  Becoming versatile and learning every aspect to filmmaking has opened up more possibilities than could possibly be imagined, and thus was born Dark Ronin Films. 

Dom DiMercurio (Producer) began his acting career in his role as a mobster hit-man in "The Making of the Mob: New York," an AMC television miniseries. He appeared in other acting roles on Netflix's House of Cards, HBO's VEEP, and Robert Redford's Docu series: "The West" on AMC. Trying his hand in film, he appeared in "The Night Watchman," a full featured comedy horror. He returned to television in various roles on Investigation Discovery Channel, TV One, BET, and LMN Cable Network Television. He's also worked in commercials for Hack Stone Productions. Currently he is working on "The Sultan & The Saint," a PBS Docudrama and on an upcoming film role as a corrupt Congressman.

Sumaiya Ananna (Production Designer), a filmmaker, who graduated from Towson University, is the head of the production house, "Unique Signature Films." Einstein said, "Creativity is intelligence having fun" and she is a firm believer of that. She enjoys painting, writing, and dancing during her leisure. She is also the producer, director, and screenwriter of "Changement." Recently, the storyteller has been a part of "House of Cards" and has produced several short videos and films.

Stephen Borunda (1st Assistant Camera) is a 24-year-old Teach for America teacher in Baltimore City with an insatiable passion for film. Stephen grew up as a cinephile but only recently came to the realization that this was what he desired to pursue as a career when he was selected as a representative of Johns Hopkins at the "Best of Baltimore Student Film Festival" with his short "Escape to Emanation." Stephen became friends with Josh and Victor through the film program at Hopkins and was more than pleased to work as the Robin to Victor's Batman with the camera. Stephen graduated from Johns Hopkins with dual degrees in Political Science and History and will graduate in spring of 2016 with a Master's of Science in Education from Hopkins as well. He is currently completing a stop-motion Lego short entitled "Boost" with his filmmaking partner Ben Palmer.

Matthew Pasciuto (Key Grip) often jokingly credits himself with starting Victor's film career, citing that they co-created short hobby projects while growing up together in Boston. Matt took a leave of absence from his job at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute to assist with the production of "Lotus Eyes," which will be his first film credit. Shortly after production, he left the Institute to join another creative endeavor, as a builder for Ice Castles, LLC.